Founder: Late Sri Ajit Kumar Singh

The founder-chairman of the Indirapuram Group, Late Sri Ajit Kumar Singh was a patriot, a visionary, a reformer, a spokesman for human values across divisions and a great educationist. He once said ‘I don’t want any institution to be walled in all sides and the windows to be stuffed. I want the culture of all lands to be blown about my school as freely as possible. I would like all Indians to learn English or other global language but I would not have a single Indian to forget, neglect or be ashamed of his mother tongue or culture. This intense pride in our nation coupled with the desire to interact internationally remains the kernel of the Indirapuram philosophy, even nine years after Sri Ajit Singh ji’s sad demise on 1st August 2007. He remains with us in spirit, and the group would be unable to achieve what it has without his solid guiding lessons.