Members of the Indirapuram family have access to some unique opportunities, all of which has contributed to the profile of the group as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of the things that set us apart .

International School Award

Two of our schools have been awarded the prestigious ISA award by the British Council, with more to follow. Students of the Indirapuram Public Schools have involved with counterparts from countries such as the UK, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the U.A.E and many more. This coupled with international-themed activities at the schools has enabled us to hold the award since the last six years.

World Scholar’s Cup

The Indirapuram Group has partnered with the World Scholar’s Cup foundation to host two massive events in India – The Delhi/NCR and East India rounds of the World Scholar’s Cup. This is an academic competition that takes place in over forty countries, with a global round and a Tournament of Champions at Yale University. Students have travelled to Yale University each of the last three years, and placed fifth and fourth respectively in the academic challenge (2014 and 2015). In 2013, the top debater at Yale University was wearing our colours. We ensure that each child gets a chance to prove their merit on this most prestigious of platforms!


The Indirapuram Group hosts ‘Khoj’ – a three day extravaganza of learning in which over 40 schools from all over the NCR region and beyond come together to participate in a series of competitive events ranging from arts and crafts to academic events. From butterfly-making for the youngest to 3 by 6 canvases for the seniors, from story games to high-powered debates; Khoj is the event where every child gets a chance to portray his/her unique talent. This is an eagerly awaited event for many in the NCR region!

Life Skills Training

Textbooks cannot teach us everything. That is very much a fact of life, and as an organization we have taken this to heart. We have been imparting life skills to our students in the form of a regimented curriculum all the way from grades 1 to 8 to ensure they are well-equipped to deal with the challenges of adult (and adolescent) life. Creative thinking, problem solving, stress management are just some of the skills honed in these weekly workshops. In some of our schools we have even gone to the extent of outsourcing these classes to professional.

YES CENTRE (International Award for Young people)

The group has been running the Duke of Edinburgh’s IAYP program for all its schools & colleges inculcating a sense of community service, skill development, adventure and physical training. In this age of competitiveness, the IAYP program provides an important experience to young people – a valuable journey of self-discovery in which they learn to better their own as well as other’s lives. The Indirapuram branch is a YES Centre for other schools in the region, meaning we can now provide this Service to non-Indirapuram students as well!

The Indirapuram Evening School (T.I.E.S)

We run a facility for underprivileged children at the premises of the Indirapuram Institute of Higher Studies where we run classes in basic reading, writing and arithmetic apart from thematic teaching to provide the learners the tools necessary to start a mainstream education. This is a community effort – we screen and accept outside volunteers, but the centre is run and managed by a dedicated team and teaching volunteers from the school’s student body with curriculum support from Shiksha Sampada Educational Society.

UK India International Partnership

The Indirapuram Group is a participant in UK-India international partnership. The program is designed to expose students in both countries to the culture of the other through exchange programs and teacher exchanges. Teachers of our institutions visited the George Spencer Academy,Nottingham in 2014 to learn the workings of the British education system and understand the way teaching methodologies vary from India. The exchange also saw teachers from the UK visit us. They appreciated the sincerity and levels of applications shown by our students.

Curious Me

The Curious Me Project, in association with British Petroleum, runs for our class 8 students of Indirapuram branch. Their active partner Pravah, an NGO, is implementing this in our school. Sessions are being conducted with the teachers to sensitise them about the need to build curiosity in the students. Students are being exposed to interactive sessions that are integrated with fun activities and informal learning. Students are expected to make action plans related to topics of their interest so that they can understand how they can make a difference to their surroundings. This year-long journey will aim to build scientific temperament and the investigative spirit in the young minds of our students.

Generation UK-India

Four of our schools are host schools for Generation UK-India teaching assistantship program,a large scale mobility program delivered by the British Council.This program aims to create links between the UK & India by sending UK graduates into Indian schools as teaching assistants. As a result, our schools get the chance to engage with the UK,build contacts for future collaboration and introduce different ideas and ways of working or studying.